A reliable non-invasive test that can exclude Down syndrome and other foetal trisomy types based on a sample of maternal blood.

Information for professionals

*If a blood sample cannot be processed by the laboratory in accordance with the principles of good laboratory practice (e.g. in the event of a low foetal DNA concentration in the sample), or if the analytical results do not provide an answer to the diagnostic question, the laboratory offers a repeat examination based on the same blood sample free of charge. Under the circumstances, the period for the delivery of test results will change from 5 to 8 days (this generally applies to about 10% of all samples).


There is a certain amount of foetal DNA in maternal blood already in the early stages of pregnancy. Using a genetic screening laboratory test, it is possible to isolate this foetal DNA and analyse it to determine the sex of the foetus and detect whether foetal chromosome aberrations are present.


Sex chromosome number aberrations and frequently occurring foetal trisomy types are targetted by TRISOMY test XY, an extended version of TRISOMY test that can also determine the sex of the foetus based on chromosome analysis.

TRISOMY test +

Using a non-invasive, safe and painless method, it is possible to learn a lot more information based solely on a sample of maternal blood. Compared to standard TRISOMY test screening, TRISOMY test + is a premium genetic laboratory screening test that can detect the most frequently occurring trisomy types, sex chromosome number aberrations, as well as selected microdeletions.

Who do we test?

TRISOMY test screening is available upon request to any pregnant woman who wants to be sure for the rest of her pregnancy that her foetus is not affected by the chromosomal aberrations the test is designed to detect.

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